Old Time Something Come Back Again Vol 2 (2017)

1. Walla Walla (Originally by Burning Spear)
2. Life Is a Funny Thing (Originally by The Ethiopians)
3. Put Those Fools (Originally by The Tidals)
4. Brutal (Originally by The Itals)
5. Try Me One More Time (Originally by Stranger & Gladdy)
6. Christopher Columbus (Originally by Little Roy & Ian Rock)
7. We Are Free (Originally by Burning Spear)
8. Another Moses (Originally by The Ethiopians)
9. Strugglers’ Time (Originally by Ghetto Connection)
10. Anti-Christ (Originally by Yabby You & The Prophets)
11. Freedom Train (Originally by The Gladiators)
12. Band Your Belly (Originally by The Ethiopians)
13. Love Is All (Originally by Carlton & The Stones)
14. I Have a Party (Originally by Kenty Spence & His Stars)
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Hustling Culture (2015)

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1. Hustling Culture
2. Uptown Set
3. Piece Of Love
4. World Of Happiness
5. People Business
6. Top Shelf
7. Too Late
8. Reggae Pops (Feat. Dan Hastie From Orgone)
9. The Horse
10. Iron Throne (Extended 12″ Version)
11. Thanks For Life
12. Flesh And Bone
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The Expanders Album Cover

The Expanders (2011)

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1. Evilous Number
2. Something Wrong
3. Moving Along
4. Follow It
5. Careful
6. Think Ruler
7. Merciless Deeds (feat. Alex Desert & Deston Berry of Hepcat)
8. Turtle Racing (feat. Jah Faith)
9. Race Is Run
10. Gone Away
11. Down In The Valley
12. Snow Beast
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Old Time Something Come Back Again Vol 1 (2012)
1. Conquering Lion (Originally by The Ethiopians)
2. Man Should Not Hold Back (Originally by Mogul D)
3. Iron Sharpening Iron (Originally by Culture)
4. Jericho (Originally by The Ethiopians)
5. Babylon Feel Dis One (Originally by Bob Marley)
6. The Clip (Originally by The Kingstonians)
7. Tell Them Ja Ja (Originally by The Ghettos)
8. Rasta Stop No One (Originally by The Stingers)
9. Fire (Is The Desire) (Originally by Justin Hinds & The Dominoes)
10. Once Bitten (Originally by Peter Tosh & The Wailers)
11. Tribulation (Originally by The Gladiators)
12. Can’t Blame The Youth (Originally by Peter Tosh)
13. Tom’s Testimony (Originally by Tom Cook)



Snow Beast/Dub Beast (2014)
1. Snow Beast
2. Dub Beast
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